• Tranquil Oasis Earring
  • Tranquil Oasis Earring
  • Tranquil Oasis Earring

Tranquil Oasis Earring

SKU: AJE00997

Specifications as per photo Made with 14k Rose Gold Size of Tourmaline: 20.0 Cts of Tourmaline 0.65 Cts of Diamond

Introducing the Radiant Tourmaline Cascade Earrings in 14k Gold, a stunning addition to any jewelry collection. These dangle earrings feature exquisite tourmaline gemstones and sparkling diamonds, all set in luxurious 14k gold. The carefully selected tourmaline gemstones radiate with a stunning array of colors, ranging from deep blues to vibrant greens and pinks. Their unique beauty is accentuated by the intricate gold settings and dazzling diamonds that hang elegantly below. The high-quality 14k gold adds a touch of sophistication and luxury to these already breathtaking earrings. The intricate design ensures that they catch the light from every angle, providing a dazzling and eye-catching effect.

Each piece is made-to-order, offering customization to align with your preferences. Please note that specific details, including carrot weights, stone hues, and saturations may vary based on the chosen customizations, ensuring a uniquely tailored creation just for you.

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